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Paths by Marram GardensPaths can be created by a variety of materials, from slabs, stone, gravel, tiles and bricks. Once Marram Gardens has been out to consult with you, we will be able to advise on materials that could suit the decor of your existing garden, or completely new ones to create a feature out of the path.

All ground for the path will be cleared, or if there is existing hard ground, this will be inspected before committing to the import of hardcore to sure up the ground. Once the hardcore is in place, we will level this so that the chosen material for the path can be laid flat. Finally, dependent on the materials chosen, Marram Gardens will 'point' the path. This is the laying of the cement mixture that will bond the path together and provide a water seal. A multitude of colours and choice of styles is available for this finishing touch to the path.

If you are looking for a designer for your garden, landscape gardener or someone to sort out your garden and want a beautiful garden, designed with your ideas and meticulously landscaped, please contact us at Marram Gardens.

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