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Water Features by Marram Gardens

Water Features by Marram GardensWater features can transform the atmosphere in all types and styles of garden, ranging from a small patio terrace garden to a grand stately home’s formal garden. Although the majority of features look stunning in most locations, it is worth considering the style that either your garden currently portrays or the style that you would like to create with a stunning new feature. Garden features, such as small ponds, increase the feeling of space as they reflect the sky in the surface of the water, while features with running or gurgling water create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

Creating that Perfect Feature

Create a feature in your garden by adding a pond or water feature, guaranteed to provide a good focal point. Our local water feature designer will help with such problems as:

  • Where to locate the pond/water feature
  • The shape and size of features
  • The appropriate depth to use to achieve the correct effect
  • Decoration in and around the feature
  • Planting the correct plants to maintain and keep your feature looking fresh.

If you are looking for a designer for your garden, landscape gardener or someone to sort out your garden and want a beautiful garden, designed with your ideas and meticulously landscaped, please contact us at Marram Gardens.

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