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Retaining Walls by Marram Gardens

Retaining walls by Marram GardensMarram Gardens can build you a retaining wall, to hold in a flower bed, be the wall to a sloped lawn or be a feature of your garden.

A retaining wall takes more time to build than a traditional wall due to the loads that are spread along its length. The wall must be secure as it could be supporting a large amount of weight.

There are four types of retaining wall, each serving a specific purpose. Once Marram Gardens has been out to consult with you, we can discuss the proposed wall and the reasoning behind it.

Gravity walls: these hold the earth in by the weight of the wall material. Pilling walls: use piles or long poles through the wall to provide a solid resistance deep in to the ground. Cantilever walls: these are similar to piling walls, but use an extra beam that is laid back under the material that the wall is supporting to increase the capicity or the load it supports. Anchored walls: these are the strongest type of retaining wall and use a deep set foundation set well beneath the material it is supporting.

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